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1st PRIZE TROPHY + Weekend in Paris - 2nd and 3rd PRIZE PLAQUE

1st PRIZE TROPHY + Weekend in Paris - 2nd and 3rd PRIZE PLAQUE

UNPUBLISHED WORKS (Single free verse poems)

UNPUBLISHED WORKS (Single metrical poems)


UNPUBLISHED NOVEL (Fiction, Noir, Fantasy)
Top two PRIZE: Publication and Publicity of the Novel

Top two PRIZE: Publication and Publicity of the Poetry Collection

The following Prizes will also be awarded:

"Ville Lumiere" Trophy
Special Critics Award
Special Jury Award
Special "Jeunes Artistes" Award
Special Award of the French Art Academy
Special Award of the Circles and Cultural Associations
Honour Mentions


The “Pegasus Cattolica” Cultural Association, with the high patronage of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, “Mèrite et Dèvouement Francais” Academy, “Alliance Francais de la RSM" Association, and with the collaboration of La Sammarina Cultural Association, I.p.l.a.c Cultural Circle, Altrevoci Literary International Circle, Il Porticciolo Cultural Circle, and the Press Organs “The Voice of Italian in France” and “Focus Inn”, is organizing the 1st Edition of the itinerant World Literary Prize in six sections. It is possible to enter the competition in the following languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish.
For works in languages other than Italian, French, English or Spanish a specific translation must be sent.

ART. 1
Entry to the competition is open to authors of any nationality. Entries by minors must be counter-signed by parents/guardians exercising parental authority. It is possible to take part in:
Section Award for published works of narrative or poetry edited in the period April 2005 - April 2015 with a maximum of 2 items in the number of 3 copies (in which case the fee is to be considered double);
Section Award for single poems in free or metric verse with a maximum of 3 items in no more than 50 lines, in 4 copies one of which must be filled with personal data;
Section Award for unpublished short narrative works with 3 stories in no more than 10 folders sent by e-mail in 1 file in 1800 word format characters;
Section Award for unpublished poetry collections with a minimum of 30 poems in no more than 50 lines each, sent by e-mail in 1 file in word format characters with no limit to the maximum number of poems;
Section Award for unpublished narrative works with 2 items sent by e-mail in 1 file in word format characters (in which case the fee is to be considered double).
Every competitor may freely enter several categories, upon payment of the correspondent entry fees. The theme is free.
In order to avoid conflicts of interest it is stated that the authors of the Pegasus Edition editorial brand will not be able to enter the competition. The same rule applies to all former collaborators of the Pegasus Association.

ART. 2
Competitors or publishers taking part in the competition must pay a contribution (membership fee) of € 30.00 for each category to BANK CURRENT ACCOUNT n. 2946 Banking Details IT-71Z0857867750000030102946 - Bic/ Swift n. ICRAIT R1G21 account name: Associazione Culturale “PEGASUS CATTOLICA” or alternatively by a circular cheque made out to the Association no later than 10.04.2015 (date as per post stamp).
Compositions complete with a photocopy of payment or accompanied by the cheque must be sent to the following address:
Associazione Culturale “PEGASUS CATTOLICA” via Irma Bandiera 29/B 47841 Cattolica (RN). Info: - For Information please contact: Mobile 0039 336873523.
The entries received by the Association within the date indicated will be assessed by a qualified Jury. Further awards may be instituted in the course of the event by the Association. The decision of the Jury is final and no appeals will be accepted.

ART. 3
The works on paper received will be available to the Association. Unpublished works will be destroyed in order to protect copyrights. We will not return any work under any circumstances.
Award-winners must personally collect the awards or send a trusted person during the event.
The winners unable to attend the awards ceremony can request the prize, subject to payment of shipping charges.
In the event of joint awards, the prize will be divided into equal parts among competitors.
The award ceremony will take place on 13.06.2015 at 3:00 pm at the prestigious Thèàtre de Dix Heures, located in 36 Bd de Clichy - 75018 Paris.

ART. 4
The Jury will be composed of critics, authors, and influential people from different cultural sectors and places. The Awards will consist of trophies, plaques, weekends and publications.

ART. 5

The winners of each category of awards will be notified by telephone, e-mail or letter at least 20 days prior to the date of the award ceremony. There will be no written communication to those who are not finalists. All participants may consult the lists of winners directly through the Association's websites 48 hours after the final decisions of the Jury and no later than May 10, 2015.

ART. 6
To ensure seriousness and transparency, winners of the first three awards in each category of the competition cannot enroll in the following year’s edition. It is not allowed to participate to the award to former judges, presidents, honorary members and associates of the prize. There are no reimbursements for hotel expenses; participants may book with a hotel offering a discount through the Association.

Personal Data (block capitals)

Name ___________________________________
Family name ______________________________
Date of birth _____________________________
Address _______________________________
City ____________________________________
Province ____________Postcode ________________
Entries in the following sections ________________
Work title: _________________________________
Landline telephone ______________________________
Mobile phone __________________________________
E-mail address______________________________
Privacy Notification (Law 675/96, Article 10) - Personal data will be subject to data processing by hand or by PC, only part of our initiatives.
Data will be confidential and secure.
The rights of interested parties are those provided by the above-mentioned Law.
I have read the foregoing notification and give my consent to the processing of my personal data provided in the terms indicated above,
including the communication to publishers in the event of mention of merit.

Date _____________________

Signature (parents/guardians for minors)

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